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To conduct highly specific surveys on your target group and to facilitate the decision-making process.

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A key aspect of commercial success, client satisfaction is becoming more and more important as the competitive arena continues to grow. Client satisfaction is an indicator of perceived quality and a vital factor when it comes to building customer loyalty so it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of it in order to improve satisfaction levels.
Gaining a better understanding of client satisfaction via our research enables you to highlight any weak points your products or services may have, but also their strengths and the usage and expectations that are inextricably linked to them…
In the field of comparison used by your clients you are in constant competition with your rivals but also to an increasing extent with other standards established in markets other than the one in which you are present.
The difficulty of managing client relations is mainly that of placing the performance of your own product or service within a very broad spectrum of comparison and estimating how client satisfaction contributes to client loyalty and therefore to an increased client base.

In order to conduct a satisfaction survey it is necessary to base your CRM approach on the feedback of your clients. We propose a 2-pronged approach:

A qualitative part, in order to be able to:

• Understand the language and the vocabulary of the client or prospective client,

• Analyse the “experience” of client relations that your client has with your company,

• Figure out the most important dimensions – sources of satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

A quantitative part, in order to be able to:

• Quantify your clients’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction about relevant aspects,

• Measure the importance of each aspect of the product or service within the context of overall satisfaction,

• Identify sources de satisfaction or dissatisfaction by target group,

• Produce simple, general indicators (that can be used for internal management, certification…),

Define priorities and an action plan.


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