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To conduct highly specific surveys on your target group and to facilitate the decision-making process.

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The range of services we offer revolves around the backbone of our marketing and opinion expertise. The complementarity of our tools and methods is constantly developing and our expertise becomes richer with the experience gained from each and every project we carry out.

Adapting to constantly evolving societies, our expertise is already well established along various lines and various themes:

  • Lifestyle and society.Benefitting from the rich complementarity that exists between the qualitative and quantitative approaches, scoping studies provide you with a full panorama of customer attitudes, behaviour, satisfaction and expectations with regard to your marketing issues.
  • Digital and e-business. Key elements of communication and client contact, websites and information regarding visits to these sites should be considered vital data when it comes to monitoring your strategy.
  • Market segmentation. Before developing a product’s marketing-mix, it is essential to decide which market segment it is aimed at. For this we carry out what is called a market segmentation study.
  • Product development and tests. As we accompany you in your quest for a new and successful product, this type of study enables you to ensure, in an objective way, that your consumers can clearly identify the competitive advantage of your product.
  • Advertising tests. This type of study has two dimensions to it: pre-tests and post-tests. Therefore, by using these publicity tests you can not only optimise the creation of your advertising campaigns but also evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Retail and shopper experience. The consumer has become more demanding when it comes to distribution and more aware of where brands are manufacturing their products. We can provide you with the information you need to gain a better understanding of your clients’ behaviour both at the point of sale and within your catchment areas.
  • Client satisfaction. A key aspect of commercial success, client satisfaction is becoming more and more important as the competitive arena continues to grow. Client satisfaction is an indicator of perceived quality and a vital factor when it comes to building customer loyalty so it is crucial to have an in-depth understanding of it in order to improve satisfaction levels.

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The perception of a product’s added
value when it is manufactured in France

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