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To conduct highly specific surveys on your target group and to facilitate the decision-making process.

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The consumer has become more demanding when it comes to distribution and more aware of where brands are manufacturing their products. Knowing your clients well and understanding their behaviour in your points of sale and in your catchment areas is therefore absolutely essential.

To this end, we offer you studies such as Retail and Shopper in order to bring you the information you need to understand what is at stake.

The main objectives

The study aims to define the client profile at your point of sale, and explore how it matches the catchment area profile.

  • Profile from a socio-demographic point of view: gender, age, socio-professional category…,
  • Profile from an attitudinal point of view in relation to purchasing and brands,
  • Profile from a behavioural point of view: motives for visiting, amount spent, time spent, how often visited, competitor shops visited…,
  • Profile according to the level of loyalty to your brand: die-hards, wavering clients or even those taking a break from the brand…

In the end, the main aim of this kind of study is to take stock of the point of sale’s evaluation report, and more specifically to:

• Evaluate the position of your point of sale within your catchment area,

• Evaluate the overall satisfaction, as well as in more detail,

• Identify clients: what is the percentage of clients at risk? Who are they?

• Define the possible leverage to work on in order to guarantee the loyalty of your clients who are currently “at risk”, whilst rewarding those clients who remain loyal and committed.

As far as methodology is concerned, we set up a face-to-face survey at the point of sale (when leaving the checkout). In this way 400 to 800 interviews can be conducted at the point of sale.


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The perception of a product’s added
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