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Our business has a powerful international influence: whether its our market approach, our way of working, our organisation or indeed our qualifications there is a huge multicultural thread throughout our operation. The current nature of our Access Panel is a perfect example: at present it covers 9 countries.
So as you can see, should your objectives require it, our wide-ranging services can be transposed or extrapolated internationally.

Furthermore, the international aspect of our structure is in keeping with a reciprocal approach:

• On the one hand we benefit from the support of our partners abroad on a daily basis. This collaboration provides us with a network that extends not only to the main European markets but also to those of the USA, Asia and Africa. As a result we are able to spread out and convey consumer opinion throughout the world.

• On the other hand, for this arrangement to be mutually beneficial, we frequently allow foreign research institutes and consultants to make the most of our knowledge of the French market by conducting their qualitative and quantitative research fieldwork in France. We carry out these operations with the same commitment to quality as for our own projects. We would never compromise on the quality of our working methods.


3 rue de l’Arrivée
75015 PARIS
Tél: +33(0)1 45 53 99 84

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Online omnibus
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The perception of a product’s added
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