Knowing your clients well and understanding their behaviour in your points of sale.

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We are particularly active in the automotive sector when it comes to market intelligence. The aim is to bring you precise, actionable information, enabling you not only to adjust your sales and marketing strategy accordingly but also to optimize the use of the commercial means at your disposal throughout your distribution network.

This investigative research can be carried out either by mystery callers and/or shoppers or via interviews with industry professionals.

The objective is to obtain commercial documentation and information regarding the actual pricing system being used and this needs to be done in the most natural and inconspicuous way in order to ensure that the information given is as realistic as possible.

Mystery visits and calls

Mystery calls and visits can be used to gage the quality of customer service but are equally extremely useful for obtaining information about competitors. With this in mind, this technique aims to simulate a real client’s visit or purchase.


CarFacts is a sales and marketing monitoring service that is specific to the automotive industry.

Our team follows network distribution activities closely so as to supply a continuous stream of the most up-to-date information about promotional offers and sales deals.

In addition to providing a detailed description, each operation is analysed and authenticated:

  • Duration of operation,
  • Type of operation (part-exchange, special credit arrangements, free kit),
  • Client benefit displayed (and calculated),
  • Brand responsibility (financing break-down),
  • Media coverage of operation,
  • Implementation rates regarding specific models.

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Online omnibus
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The perception of a product’s added
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