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The aim of a quantitative study is to describe and quantify the behaviour and opinions of a sample that is representative of the population you would like to study. This then allows us to generalise and extrapolate the results to the entire population in question.

The scope of this type of study could include consumer habits, the perception of a new concept or even the level of satisfaction of the survey’s participants. This kind of research evaluates and measures the attitudes of the target population with regard to certain variables that are determined in relation to your objectives.

Conducting a quantitative survey allows you to:

  • Test hypotheses,
  • Study usage and measure the extent of certain behaviours,
  • Estimate a degree of satisfaction,
  • Evaluate the level of your brand’s recognition,
  • Obtain barometric indicators…

Thanks to our extensive experience in this kind of research we will examine your project requirements and subsequently undertake to run the entire study, including every part of the methodology, such as:

  • Sampling (including the setting up of quotas in order to ensure that the sample is fully representative of the population in question),
  • Choosing the way in which the questionnaire is administered (face to face, on the telephone, via internet…),
  • Writing and planning the questionnaire, structured according to the objectives of your specific project,
  • Launching and monitoring the fieldwork (with indicators such as the response rate or the completion rate),
  • Analysing and using the results

As far as delivering the results is concerned, we will give you a research report that provides you with the overall set of results. In addition to the global vision of the figures and the more refined results after cross tabulations, you will also receive our own analyses, which will serve to reinforce the measurements taken.

These detailed results combined with analyses that explain and elucidate their meaning, create a research report that will provide you with precise answers to the questions you asked.


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