Knowing your clients well and understanding their behaviour in your points of sale.

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In order to meet your research needs, we cover a wide range of business sectors and activities. We have chosen not to limit our expertise to a small number of areas. In this way we are capable of putting together a methodology that fits your research issue and thereby provide a service that meets your specific objectives.

Whether you need qualitative or quantitative data, simple or complex analyses, we can adapt to your particular needs and also to the data that needs to be collected as a result.

We take full advantage of the specialist skill sets and many years experience of each member of our team to guarantee such projects run smoothly.

We can therefore offer you:

  • una marketing intelligence i.e. collecting data from industry professionals, enabling us to gain competitor intelligence,
  • the construction of dedicated panels for your specific needs with regard to your target (clients or prospective clients for example),
  • on-site secondment, should you require our marketing consultants to assist you,
  • international studies, thanks to an access panel which covers 9 countries, and a network or partners,
  • qualitative studies, whether traditional or online, these will help you gain a deeper understanding of the way your target population thinks and behaves,
  • quantitative studies, these will describe and measure the behaviour and opinions of a sample which is representative of the population you would like to study,

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The perception of a product’s added
value when it is manufactured in France

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