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The Internet is now entirely accepted as a means of data collection and indeed represents the most popular method used today in France. It therefore seemed vital to us to create our own tool that can be adapted to all situations and all types of online studies. To this end we now have our own tool at our disposal. It is hosted on our own servers in France, thereby giving us total control over it.

In order to remain in tune with the ever-changing market and our own developing needs, our CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview) platform is based on the most up-to-date technologies and provides a comprehensive solution when it comes to managing online research.

The advantages of an Internet-based survey can be seen in:

  • The speed of conducting the research.

Internet significantly increases the speed with which we are able to collect the data: in most cases just a few days are enough to carry out an online study. In comparison to other techniques, the data collection phase and the delivery of the untreated results is considerably quicker.

  • The cost savings.

With a study conducted via Internet you benefit from highly competitive data collection costs. Savings of 30 to 50% can be made when compared with traditional techniques.

  • Participant motivation.

Highly motivated participants are characteristic of studies carried out via the Internet. The respondents are much more spontaneous and willing to participate in this kind of research.

  • Targeting precision.

Online studies enable market researchers to reach a precise target with an identifiable profile (such as motorists for example).

  • The absence of data collection capacity limits.

Not only do online surveys mean that it’s now possible to obtain and process and unlimited quantity of questionnaires, but they also remove geographical barriers and facilitate data collection throughout the whole world.

  • La variety of additional possibilities.

Thanks to the interactive nature of these interviews, online surveys present a wide range of possibilities when it comes to questioning. Depending on your objectives we are able to exploit the full multimedia potential of the Internet by using text, images, sounds or even gaining immediate reactions and feedback live on the Internet.


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